Real Estate Industry to Boost up in Festive Seasons , Why ?

People desire to make new investments and purchases at this festive time of year. To capitalise on the mood, property developers provide discounts and programmes to entice purchasers, and have come up with numerous plans and even negotiated pricing with potential customers to persuade them to buy. Because festivals are frequently associated with new beginnings and wealth, purchasing real estate during this period is regarded as a risk-free investment.

 Banks and other lenders also try to capitalise on the festival frenzy by offering low-interest loans. The real estate market has had a rough couple of years due to excess supply, interminable project delays, and regulatory roadblocks. Prices have also remained stable. As a result, despite the abundance of bids, potential buyers are questioning if now is the ideal moment to buy a home.

Reasons for being in Focus

Buyers keeps a keen focus on real states during festive seasons mostly because of three main reasons, firstly, this festive time is considered to be auspicious to invest something valuable, secondly, many new projects get launched in this time of the year and last but not the least Real Estate companies gives interesting offers and schemes to attract new buyers.

People have gained new experiences during the last two years, yet many possibilities have been lost as a result of the pandemic. It has caused individuals to reconsider their priorities, and so owning a home has become more important since it represents comfort and security. Work from home has also become a new trend for many businesses, and people are looking to acquire properties in major cities to take advantage of new prospects. 

With so many factors encouraging individuals to invest, the real estate industry has a lot to be happy about this holiday season. Furthermore, the industry remains a buyers’ market, with end-user interest driven by the availability of acceptable offers in cities and significant micro-markets. We are also seeing momentum in the residential property market for second home purchases across sectors. 


Buying a home has become increasingly important in this post-pandemic period. Many prospective homebuyers are now searching for big, pleasant houses, particularly in self-sufficient housing societies. Society is usually thought to be capable of meeting the demands of a full family while also providing a safe and secure environment. Such societies offer a variety of facilities within its boundaries, decreasing the need for individuals to leave.

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